Verida Airdrops

verida airdrops
Verida Airdrops
Token SymbolVerida
Estimated valueN/A
Expiry date
Published dateSeptember 16, 2023

Token Overview

Verida is a multi-chain protocol for interoperable database storage and messaging built on decentralized identity where personal data is owned and controlled by users.

Verida has raised a total of $3.5M in funding from various investors. They’ve launched an incentivized testnet in which users who do simple missions will get free VDA tokens when the mainnet goes live.


Token Requirement

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Download the Verida wallet.
  2. Create a Verida identity.
  3. Now visit the Verida testnet missions page.
  4. Click on “Connect to Verida Network” and connect your Verida wallet.
  5. Now complete the missions to earn XPs.
  6. New missions will be added in the future so make sure to keep checking the missions page to earn more XPs.
  7. Early participants who complete missions will get a portion of the VDA token supply when the mainnet goes live.
  8. For more information regarding the testnet, see this Medium article

Requirements: Phone required > App install